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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feb 12, 2010 by Kimberly Johnson

We began the day as we have been doing every day, with a nice breakfast. Then we took the long train and bus rides into Osaka, where we went to the Osaka Castle, which is huge, it’s essentially the center of the whole city. There are two moats that surround it, the outer moat and inner moat. The building itself was massive, it was green, gold, and white with strange dragon-like fish statues that stood at every corner of each roof. Inside was a museum, we got to see the history of the castle and Osaka.

After the castle we went to a shopping center to have the most famous octopus, we went to the stand that made it famous. Not everyone tried it, but it looked delicious. Then we were met with a totally unexpected surprise! One of our players from last year, Yuko, came to visit us for the afternoon. The girls that got to play with her (myself included) were overjoyed that she came so far just to see us! After lunch we went to another shopping center to buy things like clothes and more souvenirs and to just rest a little bit.

After the center we took another bus and train to our last game of the trip, against the U-18 ODP (Olympic Development Program). The girls we were up against were so much smaller than us, a few of us were scared we could really hurt them. Even though they were small, they were super fast with incredible foot skills.   The first half was not our finest, we were a bit sloppy and unorganized, and by the half time whistle we were down 3-0. At half time, Terry gave a speech that pumped us all up. We weren’t about to play our last game in JAPAN poorly and frustrated. As a result we started to not only have fun, but play a lot better. In my mind we played two 45 minute games, the first one we lost, but the second one we tied 0-0. Although the outcome really wasn’t the important thing, the important this is that we had a great time playing, and that we showed Japan what MHC is made of.

After the game we went back to the seminar house to get ready for our goodbye party. A few of the bridge players came, and all the people that made our trip so special and amazing came to wish us farewell. We had some delicious new food, and got to say thank you to everyone that made our trip as wonderful as it was. Without them we wouldn’t have had the trip that we did. Finally at , we all went to bed for our last night in Japan.


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