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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feb 12, 2010 by Kimberly Johnson

We began the day with a western style breakfast that had egg pockets, fruit and yogurt, bread, and salad. We got ready to play our first ever game in Japan. The field was the most beautiful field I have ever had the pleasure to play on. When we got there we did a 45 minute workshop with a coach from the women’s national soccer team. We worked on passing, moving and heading.

He taught us that when we do jumping headers we need to use our legs to help propel our torso for more power. I never knew to do that, it was extremely helpful (and tiring). Then the game against Kibi began, because they had 45 players we played three 45 minute halves so everyone on the Kibi team and our bridge players had a chance to play. Our first half Lauren scored a goal off a corner, but Kibi gained the lead scoring two goals. The second half began, and they scored on us again. All of our MHC players began to lose wind. Coach Kanae put our bridge players in, with a few of our MHC players in the third half. Terry our main sweeper/central defender was put up at forward. We were all rooting for her to finally get a much awaited goal, and she did! Then we came back with a third goal, scored by one of the amazing bridge players. The game ended in a tie, and for fun we went into penalty kicks. We lost the penalty kicks, but in our minds we just kept it at a tie. When you’re having that much fun, the score sort of becomes obsolete.

After the game we showered and went to a mall, where we went to the 100yen store (or the dollar store). Then we had dinner and a few of the girls tried octopus, it’s served inside doughnut type dough with barbeque sauce. JJ let me try some of hers, it was certainly an interesting texture, but the taste was pretty delicious. I ate ramen with the coolest spork I have ever seen! Then we went to the grocery store where we got to buy and try different types of Japanese snacks and candy. My favorite was these sweet chips that were kind of like French fries, yum! We made our way back to the seminar house and I was asleep by .


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