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Red Zone Awareness Month

Mar 05, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

Not only has the month of February the start of our season, but it also unofficially known as “Red Zone Awareness Month” to the Lyons of the Mount Holyoke College Lacrosse team. As I am sure you are wondering, the “Red Zone,” is the critical attacking area (usually located within the 8-meter fan) where defensively we are especially vulnerable to attackers, such as myself, looking to score goals.

2010 has become more than just a new decade, it is the beginning of an entirely new and wonderful chapter for Lyons Lacrosse. During January Term, those who were on-campus participated in “Winter Workouts” informal, hour-long lifts supervised by assistant coach and defensive expert C.J. DeMatteo. “Winter Workouts” were part- football-style lift (and by part, I mean the majority of the hour) part-cardiovascular conditioning. Some of the lifts, “High-Ups,” “Pull Ups,” and “Straight-Bar Curls” were among the most difficult exercises I have ever done (or at least until our in-season lift and conditioning had begun)!

On January 23, our entire team returned early to campus to participate in our 1st annual “Laxtravaganza” a 3 day pre-preseason run by our captains, Peggy Wefald, Kristen Cody, and Rachel Kurzweil. Don’t let its clever and catchy name deceive you- it was no walk in the park, especially since it was dedicated to doing last-minute training for our fitness test.

Some of our practices during the first two-and-a-half weeks of our season were among the some of the coldest I have ever experienced. An example of the weather-related adversities we had overcome was our fitness test, Lyon 6’s, performed in 28 degree weather! A few times we were unable to complete the full 2-hour practices due to the temperature dropping well below 20 degrees.

All shivering, sweat (and yes, you can sweat in under 40 degree weather), and tears (metaphorical ones of course) have paid off with significant dividends. This past weekend, we traveled to Auburndale, Massachusetts to participate in 3, 25-minute scrimmages at Lasell College where we competed against the Lasers, Worcester State College, and Mount Ida College. Over the 3 mini-scrimmages we let in a total of 4 goals. We outscored the other teams and had many moments of utter brilliance on offense and defense. By the end of the day the other teams were afraid of us- something that I am pretty sure hasn’t always happened to Mount Holyoke College Lacrosse. Now, more than ever, we are driven to play and ready to compete in our Season and Home Opener next Saturday, March 6 @ 1 pm against Western New England College.

Who are We? M.H.C. ROAR!


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