Taking Back Pride Rock

Apr 27, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

Needless to say, it has been an exciting few weeks for the Mount Holyoke College Lyons Lacrosse team. Last Saturday, April 10, we played Wellesley College at home and defeated the Blue 19-10. In addition to flattening our competition, we secured our first NEWMAC win of the season. According to laxpower.com, our projected win differential was 2 goals; therefore, our 9 goal differential secured us a “+++” rating on the website. It was satisfying to dominate our NEWMAC competition by scoring 6 unanswered goals in the first half. Not only that, but Wellesley had not managed to put a point on the board until 15 minutes into the half. We lead 13-5 at half-time. In addition to our offensive control and poise, we executed our offensive and defensive midfield transitions with fluidity.

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Damming Up Babson's Momentum

Apr 10, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

On Saturday, March 27, the Mount Holyoke College Lyons had an upsetting home-turf loss to NEWMAC opponents, the Lyons of Wheaton College 17-9. A silver lining of this game was that senior midfielder and tri-captain, Peggy Wefald, was able to surpass Caitlin Taylor (’06) as being the all-time leader in career goals (182) for our school’s program. Congratulations to Peggy! Although it was not our most idealized outcome for our first NEWMAC game of this season, we learned many valuable lessons from our less then perfect performance. During the next few practices, we re-worked our trouble areas and improved upon them. Certainly, our successful week of games (mentioned below) is an excellent testament to the hard-work that we have been posting each day…

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The Other Red Zone Awareness- The Spring Burn, I mean Spring Break Edition

Mar 27, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

Spring Break. To many students across the country, these two words connote exotic locales and wild nights, but for the Mount Holyoke College Lacrosse Team, the “Girls Gone Mild,” Spring Break conveys a much needed reLAXation from our usual rigorous schedules- a delicate balance between academics, athletics, exterior clubs/organizations, and social time with our non-lacrosse friends. Also, for the “Girls Gone Mild”, Spring Break is an excellent time to solely focus on the game that we all love, to develop lasting off-field friendships, and of course, to enjoy the beautiful weather of Florida.


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Gluttonous Lyons Do Not Always Win Games

Mar 08, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

Since this past Friday, it has been sunny with temperature highs of 55 degrees - beautiful weather like this almost makes me want to stay in New England for Spring Break. However, after perusing the weather for West Palm Beach, Florida - afternoon temperature highs of 75 degrees and currently 65 degrees at 8 PM, my Spring Break plans are obvious!

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Red Zone Awareness Month

Mar 05, 2010 by Alexandra Crean

Not only has the month of February the start of our season, but it also unofficially known as “Red Zone Awareness Month” to the Lyons of the Mount Holyoke College Lacrosse team. As I am sure you are wondering, the “Red Zone,” is the critical attacking area (usually located within the 8-meter fan) where defensively we are especially vulnerable to attackers, such as myself, looking to score goals.

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