Crossing the World with Skype

Student in Italy sharing her experiences with students at MHC through SkypeUsing Skype as an easy but effective tool for bringing the world into the classroom.  
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LRC News: November 9, 2011

Student Workshop: Teaching English Abroad (Thur 11/10), Language Break: Vocabulary Study (Wed 11/16); Lecture at Smith (11/11) & Follow-Up Discussion w/LRC Faculty Reading Group (11/15); Opportunity to Observe Videochatting in Action (11/14)  [Read More]


ANVILL (A National Virtual Language Lab)

The Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon has just opened a new website called ANVILL (A National Virtual Language Lab).  Basically, it's a course management system (like our "ella"), with built in support for oral language learning.  For example, it includes 4-way video chatting, "voiceboards" (voice-based discussion boards), and assessment and lesson-authoring with multimedia prompts.  Sounds great, right?  I wish these features were built into ella!  

They are seeking 100 language teachers to participate in pilot testing the site and for now are making it freely available to these users:

I'm looking forward to checking it out!