Karaoke in Korean

Students sing and dance as their classroom becomes a karaoke hall.After learning some traditional Korean songs, Professor Suk Massey's classroom transforms into a karaoke hall.  
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Gaming: An Immersion Experience?

Immerse Yourself in Language through Online Multi-Player Gaming

Picture the average American teen, hours spent glued to the videogame console...  Just another couch potato?  Or an engaged, motivated language learner?

From a colleague, I learned that students at Oberlin College have made "World of Warcraft" -- a popular video game in which users log on to a game server in order to play with/against other players around the world -- a language practice tool.  They use the Spanish edition and connect to a Spanish game server; the result is that every aspect of the game appears in Spanish:  the user interface, the help screens, the in-game narration, interactions with other players, etc.  An academic activity it is not, but you might be surprised at the level of language involved.  For example, check out this introduction page to World of Warcraft in Spanish.  Luckily, the style of learner who loves this type of gaming will be highly motivated to engage with the difficult text.

World of Warcraft is available in Spanish, Korean, German, French, and Chinese.  For those who prefer to strategy to war, Civilization is a popular game, and is published in German, French, Italian and Spanish.