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Are your summer plans all mapped out yet? Perhaps you have some professional development money remaining for the fiscal year, burning a hole in your pocket? Another option, beyond the conferences and meetings we typically attend, is a summer institute at one of the 15 national Language Resource Centers. Here are just a sampling of the workshops offered:

At CALPER (Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research, Penn State University):
Assessment for Learning in the L2 Classroom  Participants will explore assumptions and practices associated with both assessment-for-accountability and assessment-for-learning before moving quickly toward developing an assessment perspective that foregrounds insights into learner abilities that may be gained from regular classroom interactions as well as a framework for planning activities that are simultaneously instructional and evaluative. Principles will be derived through discussion and collaborative analysis of classroom activities and interactions.

At CARLA (Center for Advanced Research in Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota):
Focusing on Learner Language - Second Language Acquisition Basics for Teachers: Knowing the basics of second language acquisition can help language teachers better meet the needs of their students. This summer institute will help teachers gain skills in the analysis of learners and learners’ language output with an in-depth look at the following key questions: How can we better understand what second language features learners know? What are possible implications of this understanding for what needs to be taught?

At CERCLL (Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy, University of Arizona):
Reconceptualizing Technology in Language Education - Emerging Tools and Practices: These four workshops can be taken separately or as a group, or in any combination.
• Workshop 1 - Introduction to Teaching Online
• Workshop 2 - New Media Technologies in the L2 Classroom
• Workshop 3 - Using Chat Tools in the L2 Classroom
• Workshop 4 - Digital Gaming in the L2 Classroom

Interested? You can search for all summer institutes from 15 national LRCs from one combined catalog. Also very useful is this searchable National Calendar of Events, which synthesizes the events sponsored by all 15 of the national LRCs, including their summer institutes, conferences, meetings and other special programs.

And, it's time to be thinking ahead to next fall. The national ACTFL conference will be held in our own backyard (Boston, November 19-21, 2010), so this is a great opportunity to attend one of the largest meetings of language educators. If you've never attended ACTFL before, Vista Higher Learning Company is offering a first-time attendee scholarship program:

ACTFL/Vista Higher Learning First Time Attendee Scholarship Program

ACTFL is very pleased to announce that Vista Higher Learning will be co-sponsoring the First Time Attendee Scholarship program this year. This scholarship program offers ACTFL members who have never attended an ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo the opportunity to apply for a $200 scholarship. The scholarship provides some assistance with the expenses associated with attending the Convention. In addition to the $200 scholarship, Vista Higher Learning will be providing a gift of teaching materials to recipient. Interested individuals must submit an application to ACTFL by July 11, 2010. (No late applications will be accepted.) Scholarship checks must be picked up at the Convention by the recipient. The number of scholarships awarded will be based on the funds available.


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