Calligrammes from Students in FREN 199

With this post, the LRC Blog joins the tradition of "Wordless Wednesday" practiced by bloggers the world over, posting images - that speak for themselves - on Wednesdays. This week, please enjoy the calligrammes composed by students in Professor Carolyn Shread's French 199 course this semester, a wonderful example of how students can begin to explore authentic text and authentic writing genre even from the early stages of language acquisition.

In Fall 2011, students in an Advanced Elementary French class read several of Guillaume Apollinaire’s Calligrammes poems published in 1918. Inspired by Apollinaire’s typographical experiments, students created their own Calligrammes, playing with the coincidence of visual and semantic meaning. Brenda’s calligramme takes Apollinaire’s innovation even further by representing the Chinese character for “betrayal,” which is also the subject of her poem.


"Le Sablier" - a calligramme by Awo Agyapong

Le temps est précieux. Il passe vite comme le sable dans uns ablier. Ne perdez pas le temps! Utilisez-le avec sagesse!


A calligramme by Brenda Arias

Je suis moi. Je suis un produit de mes peurs, de mes erreurs, et de mes idées fausses...


A calligramme by Diana Chihai

C'est l'histoire d'une vache...


A calligramme by Yeareen Yun

salut toi je suis toi et tu es moi quand tu es triste je suis triste aussi quand tu es malade je suis malade aussi quand tu es blessé je suis blessée aussi quand tu pleures je pleure aussi mais parfois tu es heureux alors je suis aussi heureuse je serai toujours ton amie quoi qui arrive parce que je suis ton coeur



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My favorite is the calligramme by Yeareen Yun!Have you seen the calligrammes by Guillaume Apollinaire? they are really amazing!

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