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Jaime Tung

Oct 31, 2008

I have only ever experienced "hauntings" in Torrey Hall during my first
year, along with my roommate. We lived on the first floor and would
often wake up hearing a woman sweeping up and down the hall, sometimes
whistling or softly humming.[Read More]

Christina Villarruel

Oct 10, 2008

My sophomore year I was residing in Wilder on the 4th floor. Rumours
abounded that the 4th floor (the one I was residing on) was haunted by a
former student who had hung herself. These rumours were only fuelled
further by the college's decision to close off the bedroom in question
(even though we were in an overcrowded housing crunch).[Read More]


May 19, 2008

One night around 3 am i had gotten up at about 4 am to go to the bathroom which was on the 5th floor. i had just finished my buisness when i went to wash my hands then all i looked up in the mirror to see this woman staring at me in the mirror. when i turned around there was no one there. and i never saw her again. some tell me that they have seen the same thing. but i know what i saw and i will never for get it.

[May 18, 2008] 


Apr 07, 2008

I was hanging out late one night in north Mandelle. I lived on the other
side of campus and my best friend, who live in the delles, was out of
town. She said I could stay in her room for the night while she was away
because I was tired and didn't want to walk home. She lived in the
smaller room of the suite on the second floor. That night I had this
dream that was almost out of body[Read More]

Tina T.

Aug 21, 2007

There is a story that there is a ghost of an MHC student in a room on
the top floor of the dorm Wilder Hall. As the story goes, this girl
killed herself and everyone who lived in that room after her broke their
legs.[Read More]

Gretchen Burch, Class 0f 2008

Aug 15, 2007

OK on the first week of school, there was a great rain storm, there was a
wind so at first I thought it was the wind but the storm ended. And
there was still this banging sound all through the halls of South
Mandelle on the fourth floor.[Read More]

Beth Dunn, Class of 1993

Aug 15, 2007

I spent my freshman year ('89-90) living on the fourth floor of South
Mandelle, in the second to last room down the hall on the left. Although
I had heard many ghost stories about MHC within weeks of arriving on
campus, I hadn't heard any about South Mandelle.[Read More]

Melissa Thorsnes Varvil, Class of 1995

Aug 15, 2007

Back in the Fall of 1993, my roommate and I were living on the fourth
floor of Porter Hall, in a converted triple. About 3:00 in the morning,
something woke me up from a dead sleep.[Read More]