Emma, Though Not Jane Austen's

Posted on November 05, 2011 by Emma Rice and filed under Liaisons.

My name is Emma, and I come from Washington—not, as everyone is about to assume, D.C., but State—and could not be more pleased to be here (despite the cold) to write to you.  I am a junior and obviously an English major, while I am less obviously pursuing a double major in Latin.  Language and its literature are passions of mine, ones I hope to pursue however haphazardly throughout the rest of my life.  I focus mostly on British literature, particularly on Modernist poetry and prose, although I frequently stray into the realms of Medieval, Victorian, and Contemporary lit as well. 

When I am not poring over the tomes of the English literary canon or trying to tug that magical twist that will untangle my  thoughts into an artful essay, you might find me scribbling all over the work of friends.  I quite enjoy editing, whether the work is creative or critical.  I also play in the Mount Holyoke flute choir that no one has ever heard about, and enjoy traveling whenever I can.  Of more relevance to this blog, I intend to continue my study of English in graduate school, and after that, if my faculties prove sharp enough for the challenge, to become a professor. 

Since I cannot think of an appropriate transition here, I will merely say that by the end of this semester I will have taken an English 200 with a professor no longer here; How to Read a Poem and Modern British Poetry with Professor Alderman; Transatlantic Romanticisms with Prof. Singer; Literary Criticism and Theory, an independent study, and Eliot, Woolf, and Lessing with Prof. Quillian; Literature of the Later Middle Ages with Prof. Yu; 19th and 20th Century Scottish Literature wit Prof. Pyke; and Old English with Prof. Harris.  I give you this detailed schedule in order to say that if you have any questions about these classes I am perfectly willing and able to give you an informed opinion on them.

If you ever have questions about the above classes, about the English major, or just want to chat about literature, please feel free to email me at rice22e, for I am always up for a discussion about books, especially if it involves tea.  Cheers!


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Hello ladies (and, possibly, gents),

Welcome to the Department of English liaisons page, where all things English and Mount Holyoke converge in the form of the Department of English liaisons. We're a diverse bunch with diverse interests and therefore diverse experiences of what it means for us to be an English major here at Mount Holyoke College.

Such topics you will find here are:

... When I was a first year.

... Things to do for like-minded fellows.

... Out and about the merry world of off-campus.

... Out and about the merry world of studying abroad.

... the Awarded Who's Who of English majors.

... Professors beyond the classroom.


I am Mai-Anh Ha, one of the Department of English liaisons. Currently, I'm a junior double-majoring in English and Chemistry, poised to graduate May 2013. When I'm not thinking about English, I'm poring over such and such textbook for Chemistry wracking my brains for some Calculus coherency interspersed by some chemical phenomenon. When I'm not picking at my over-worked brain, I'm sailing through Abbey dining hall as one of the student managers, squinty-eyed and quick-footed to guide my first year student-workers to clean and swift efficiency. When I'm not working either for class or the dining hall, I'm somewhere in the nethers of music and other miscellaneous things (like alcoholic ice cream or the wonders of the epistolary form or hula-hooping). One of those miscellaneous things is my blog, where I archive restaurants and recipes I've developed (for I am one of those forgetful and absent-minded people who lose things at a drop of the hat). It's also a chronicle of obsession: I love food, I hate waste. Besides writing for the English liaisons blog, I also run The Sceptical Chymist: For the chemistry afficionado.

Cheers to another year at Mount Holyoke,

Mai-Anh Ha