Senior Symposium: English

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Be sure to check out the English Department's Senior Symposium presentations today: 

Read their abstracts:

Emily Chow's "The Significance of Satan..."

Rachel Czwartacky's "In Time of Strife..."

Isabelle Dienstag's "Eccentric Poet..."

Mary Hofto Grae's "Books in Mad Houses..."

Sophie Heller's "Keen Vision and Feeling..."

Katrina Kass's "Interpretation of the Shrew..."

Margaret Kelley's "Poe and Baudelaire..."

Nadia Khawaja's "The Mirror Stage and Identity..."

Kate Oberdofer's "La Historia de Cuba..." 

A sampling of the poetry of Garon Scott, winner of the 89th Glascock competition

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Below are the three poems that conclude Garon's Glascock submission, "Staring Contest," "Would you rather die awake or asleep?", and "Cine 4." 



A sampling of the poetry of Katie Kinkle, runner-up to the Glascock competition

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Katie has been so kind as to share a number of poems from her Glascock submission: "Social Worker," "Cixi's Boat of Stone," "Paschalia," "Genesis," and "Nocturne." Please peruse and enjoy at your leisure. 








The 89th Glascock: A Sampling of Poetry from the Poet-Contestants

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There's always a certain mystery and perplexity when coming upon a page for such and such competition or for such and such award with such and such entries winning. It is a curious thing, to hear of someone's achievement without ever having glimpsed aforementioned achievements. Therefore, for your edification and (perhaps) lingering curiosity over the long-standing tradition of the Glascock: before you are a sampling of the poetry from the poet-contestants in order of school. 

Katie Kinkle '13, Bowdoin College

Jessica Yoo '12, Johns Hopkins College

Layli Amerson '13, Mount Holyoke College 

To read Layli's entire Glascock submission, click here. Her submission includes poems such as "Exhibits," "Museum Song," "Duet of Flute and Harp," "Tragic Bean, and "Cemetary Cinquain," as well as "My Alien, Assimilating" featured above. 

Andrew Bustria '12, Sarah Lawrence College


Garon Scott '12, University of Connecticut, Storrs


Brian Folan '12, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (TBA)

For the 89th Glascock, the English Department congratulates the winner Garon Scott and runner-up Katie Kinkle

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The 89th Glascock came to a close Saturday, April 14 to the announcement of the winner Garon Scott (UConn, Storrs) and runner-up Katie Kinkle (Bowdoin College). Following the judges' reading, the poet-contestants and poet-judges gathered before the Stimson Room's fireplace for a commemorative photo. 

 From left to right: Top (poet-contestants) - Andrew Bustria (Sarah Lawrence College), Garon Scott (University of Connecticut, Storrs), Layli Amerson (Mount Holyoke College), Brian Folan (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Middle (poet-contestants) - Katie Kinkle (Bowdoin College), Jessica Yoo (Johns Hopkins University) ; Bottom (poet-judges) - J.D. McClatchy (Yale University), Mary Jo Bang (Washington University), Sarah Gambito (Fordham University). Photo credit belongs to Lara Day.

The student committee composed of myself, Emma Rice, and student-assistant Lara Day organized a farewell lunch. Suffice to say, the combination of beautiful weather and the blooming flowers meant that the lunch quickly became a picnic in the garden next to the Art Museum. It probably has an official name, but it's always gone by the "Fairy Garden" in my head and now the unofficial names will only abound further now that Garon has plied me with words such as "copse" and "glen," among others. Unfortunately, by the time we all remembered to take a picture, Jessica had already departed to take her flight back to John Hopkins. 

 From the bottom left and clockwise: Garon Scott (UConn, Storrs), Brian Folan (UMass, Amherst), Layli Amerson (MHC), Glascock student-assistant Lara Day (Mount Holyoke College), English Liaison Emma Rice (MHC), Andrew Bustria (Sarah Lawrence), English Liaison Mai-Anh Ha (MHC), Katie Kinkle (Bowdoin). Photo credit belongs to Rory.

Let me thank all those who attended and participated in this year's Glascock. When an event in which so many disparate and interesting personalities winds to a close, it always sound trite to simply say, "It was good. It was wonderful. It was lovely." But it was all those things. Days later, I still find mid-murmur, mulling over the bits and pieces, odds and ends of conversation.

As poet-contestants and Glascock organizers dispersed, I stood up, awkwardly brushing my hands against my pants, muttering "Chấm Dứt," which means to sever. It's an odd phrase, but a common one in Vietnamese to announce the end of a performance or a meeting. The phrase carries an odd mixture of both regret and relief. As the time of parting neared, the ties, which had so quickly formed during the two days, were stretching and stretching, all of us about to return to the everyday of our respective colleges. "Chấm Dứt" is the phrase for the invisible hand of time coming down upon these ties, snapping them, so that the lonely ends are left in your hand: relieved from the tension of parting, full of regret because the parting has come to past. 

It was a worthy weekend, however, of the phrase "Chấm Dứt" because for a moment, poetry came alive within the disparate and various voices of poet-contestants and poet-judges.

For those of you who were unable to attend or attended, but remain in the vacillations of curiosity and nostalgia, please look forward to a follow-up post with a sampling of poetry from the poet-contestants.  

The 89th Annual Glascock Intercollegiate Poetry Competition

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For the 89th annual Glascock Poetry Contest, Mount Holyoke welcomed as judges the poets Mary Jo Bang, Sarah Gambito, and J.D. McClatchy and as contestants students representing the University of Connecticut, Storrs; Bowdoin College; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Sarah Lawrence College; Johns Hopkins University; and, of course, Mount Holyoke.  

Shakespeare Symposium: Genealogy and Reception Theory

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In farewell to Professor Brownlow, who is retiring at the end of this year, a symposium on Shakespeare was held in Gamble Auditorium. The speakers were William Carroll of Boston University and Martha Tuck Rozett of University of Albany. Professor Carroll surveyed Shakespeare's Macbeth within the historical and political context of the genealogy of the royal family, elucidating such mysteries as to whether some of the characters even existed historically and the implication of Shakespeare's construction thereof of the royal family. Meanwhile, Professor Rozett scrutinized the character of Gertrude from Shakespeare's Hamlet under the eyeglass of reception theory. Professor Rozett concentrated on two works, Updike's Gertrude and Claudius and Lillie Buffum Chace Wyman's Gertrude of Denmark: An Interpretive Romance, which articulated in different ways the ambiguity and complexity of Hamlet's Gertrude

The lovely speakers: on the left is Professor Carroll from Boston University and on the right is Professor Rozett from the University of Albany. Photo credit belongs to Mai-Anh Ha.

An audio recording of the event can be downloaded here.

Forgive the odd sounds of me adjusting my laptop or the laptop fan beginning to run. As a desperate, amateur, and (wallet-light) archivist of great English events, I can only do so much so forgive me for my technological limitations. I encourage anyone who drops by in this blog to continue dropping by since I hope to provide you all with more audio recordings of wonderful and interesting lectures.