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See/Hear/Feel Film Fundraiser

Apr 27, 2012 by Jean Baker

     We recently had a fundraiser for See/Hear/Feel Film at Smith College, which was very fun and exciting. It was called “Screen Testing” and it was a trivia contest. Celebrity guest John Hodgeman was the host, funny as usual, and there was an art auction in the lobby. The trivia contest was broken up into three rounds. At the end of each round half of the competing teams were eliminated, except for the final round, which only one team survived. There was even an audience participation round, so not only were they learning movie trivia, they also had a chance to be tested!

    Everyone seemed to have a great time, and why wouldn’t they? Asides from enjoying movie trivia, they were supporting the wonderful See/Hear/Feel Film program at the Amherst Cinema: exposing children to film and encouraging them to be creative and collaborative. The staffers of which put in a great deal of effort to make the “Screen Test” a huge success.

More information on the program is provided at the following web site.



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