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Holyoke Bound Fall 2012

Nov 23, 2012 by Lauren Quirici

Holyoke Bound is an all-day workshop that introduces Five College students to the city of Holyoke.  Students attend workshops, listen to guest speakers, and learn about the city’s history.  CBL fellows, students taking a CBL partnership class, or any student considering volunteering or working with people in the city may attend.

The most recent Holyoke Bound event took place this past September.  The morning began with an introduction by Jacqueline Glasheen, principal of Kelly Full-Service Community School in Holyoke (what is a Full Service Community School?  Find out here:  Kelly school’s program manager Rebecca Masters followed with an explanation of how Full Service Community School work, and what they offer.

The guest-speaker portion of the day began with city council member Aaron Vega (now State Representative), who spoke to students about the history and culture of the Puerto Rican community in Holyoke.  Next, Holyoke Heritage State Park ranger Charlie Lotspeich detailed the city’s industrial history.  The last guest speaker of the morning was Mayor Alex B. Morse, who discussed Holyoke’s present and future with a focus on technology and art.

After a lunch of traditional Puerto Rican food, students chose to participate in one of five workshops.  The workshops offered training and education about subjects such as adult education, public health, communication, and tutoring/mentoring.  After some closing remarks from Five College CBL Committee member Maria Cartagena, the day wrapped up with performances by Holyoke-based Zumba instructor Kate O’Connor as well as The Coquies, a Puerto Rican folkloric dance group.

Check out the slideshow below, and look out for a post this spring on Holyoke Bound's next session!



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