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What does Pop Up mean?

Mar 30, 2012 by Nick Baker

Several people have asked me what the "Pop Up" means in the Pop Up Media Lab.  In fact, it is central to the experiment we are doing with the old slide room space in the Art Building.  You may be familiar with pop up art galleries or stores that move into a vacant storefront for a few weeks or months and then are dismantled.  This phenomenon embraces the temporary nature of a space as a way of doing new and interesting things with existing resources.  As Allison Arieff points out in the New York Times, every form of architecture has a temporary equivalent.  For the house there is the tent, for the restaurant there is the hot dog cart, and so on.  Given the cost of renovating the slide room, we decided to embrace the space and try something new.  If the (Pop Up) Media Lab has a long term future, it will emerge organically from our efforts.


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