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Food is for eating and also for citing: exCITING food

Nov 27, 2012 by Alice Whiteside

Some of us were thinking that it's the time of the semester when many students need (1) a little help wrangling bibliographies and citations and (2) EXTRA SNACKS.

Were we wrong? Hope to see you tomorrow at...

exCITING food poster

exCITING food
Wednedsay, November 28, 4-5 p.m. in the library court

Learn when, why, and how to cite, discover relevant resources at MHC, and get one-on-one help from RIS staff and SAW mentors. Examples of citation formats will feature the recipes for our delicious snacks, including a mulled cider recipe from an interview with the director of LITS and Mary Lyon's handwritten gingerbread recipe from the archives.

Stop by and sample our impeccably cited snacks! Ask us questions about citations! See you there!


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