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Our Hostess with the Mostest

Jan 06, 2010 by Jesse Lytle

The University of Sydney is an urban institution of 40,000 students, and our host, the Women's College within the University of Sydney, is a small residential college. The Women's College, like Douglass College at Rutgers, e.g., is a residential and co-curricular venue, with a rich history like many of the Seven Sisters. If the WEW conference is any indication, they run a really professional operation, and they've incorporated many alumnae and students in conference support. They also generously funded the stays of a number of WEW delegates from developing countries.


In some ways the campus setting feels quite familiar, based on our common English and Scottish models, down to the original collegiate gothic architecture (and of course the requisite modernist rectangles from building binges in the 50s and 60s). Distinctive is the glorious tropical foliage and fauna, and I also noticed the proliferation of tennis courts (even grass), cricket pitches, and other sports facilities across campus. This seems to be thematic throughout Sydney, though--Aussies do love their sports. (I also like how most of their tourism involves sport, adventure, or outright danger, like the Sydney Tower: unlike, say, the Space Needle, you don't just go up it; you put on a jumpsuit and harness and walk around on top of it.).


Jesse, I'm really interested in learning more about the participation of the only institution that seems listed from Pakistan - Fatima Jinnah. I was most recently working with the Fulbright Commission in Pakistan, and had some contacts with the institution in that capacity, but was not aware that they're a WEW member institution.

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