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Around the Globe for Women's Education

Jan 06, 2010 by Jesse Lytle

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Over ten days, a Mount Holyoke contingent is circumnavigating the globe in the name of women's education. We have only two stops, but each promises to be worthwhile. We're currently in Sydney, Australia, for the fourth meeting of Women's Education Worldwide, the alliance of some 50 women's colleges that Joanne Creighton and Don O'Shea created along with colleagues from Smith College in 2003. Both are here in Sydney, as is Lenore Carlisle from Psychology/Education. Also in Sydney are Mary Graham Davis '65 and Cynthia Reed '80, representing the Alumnae Associartion (both also happen to be former Aussie residents).

From Here, Don, Lenore, and I go on to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to pay a visit to sister institution Effat University. It's a privilege to represent the College in these two exotic venues, and I thought I should chronicle the experience for posterity. It's hard to separate the tourist experience from the work (I did eat crocodile tail at our WEW Executive Committee dinner last night), so I'll probably do a little of each. After all, education is always rooted in its cultural context--or so I rationalize it all, as I enjoy Sydney's 85-degree sunny weather, ocean air, and fine local beverages.



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