Handy Tool for Creating Cloze Exercises in Moodle

A example of a cloze question in a Moodle quiz

In Moodle, quizzes can be used for a number of pedagogical purposes, beyond summative (or formative) assessment. For example, Moodle quizzes include a "cloze" question type that allows for quite a few options, including multiple possible correct or incorrect answers with customized feedback for each. However, entering cloze questions directly in Moodle requires a very detailed syntax that can be challenging to work with. Luckily, others out there in the Moodle user community have addressed this need, providing a handy editor that makes it easy to create and edit cloze-type questions for Moodle quizzes:

In order to revise an existing cloze, select all of the code, including the opening and closing curly braces.

One tip that I discovered: if you paste the text of an existing cloze question from Moodle into the editor,  you can easily make revisions. In order to edit a cloze item that was previously created, be sure to select the code for the entire item (from opening curly brace { to the closing curly brace }). Then press the ? button to edit the item - the editing window will open with the existing content/options prefilled in the form.

The cloze options window allows you to easily enter possible correct and incorrect answers with customized feedback for each.

Note: If you've already created your cloze questions manually in Moodle (or using another tool) and then try to use this editor to revise them, you may run into some abnormal behavior, as this editor requires some elements of the cloze syntax that Moodle considers to be optional. If you copy and paste your existing text into the editor and then try to select a cloze item to revise, and the form is not prefilled with your content, check for these things: use the %100% notation to indicate correct answers (rather than =) and place the # sign for feedback after each possible response (even if feedback is left blank). With these elements in the syntax, the cloze editor should be able to recognize and revise your existing cloze items.

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