Senegalese Animation

Pierre Sauvalle, animation director from Cameroon and  Aïda Ndiaye, Senegalese business woman, decided to create and develop an animation studio that would create original African content and be an outsourcing facility in Africa for big international animation studios. Pictoon animation studio is based in Dakar,Senegal.
The company has taught more than 150 people the different skills of 2D animation production and has completed ‘Kabongo the Griot’ a 2D cartoon series, the first television cartoon series ever produced in Africa.

Pictoon has been chosen by institutions such as Unicef and “Global Dialog against Aids” to create animated cartoons. Pictoon also creates advertisement for various clients throughout Africa. 

The company is in the process of producing "The Invincible Lions", a feature film about an African soccer dream team, the first African super heroes ever to be put on the big screen.

“Unless we know how to sell our culture, others will sell it for us.” - Pierre Sauvalle, founder and co-director of Pictoon.


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