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Explore Primary Sources from Early American History!

Oct 11, 2012 by James Burke

Did you know that you have access to more than 37,000 books, pamphlets and broadsides from the early years of American history? slavery

You can easily find and download original documents from a wide spectrum of life in 17th and 18th century America.  From social movements, economics, cooking, and foreign affairs to literature, Native American tribes, music, religion, slavery, and witchcraft, these documents cover just about any  topic imaginable!

Starting at the LITS homepage, just click on the link for "E-resources A-Z" and scroll down to Early American Imprints to begin your explorations in primary source materials!


Seniors-please clean out your library carrels by Friday May 25th

Apr 24, 2012 by Karen Mehl

Library Carrels-Please clean out by May 25th

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"The Hunger Games" Craze

Mar 28, 2012 by Karen Mehl

Have you caught the wave?  Do you know Prim?  Katniss?  Peeta?  What division are they from?  Who is your favorite Capitol character?  Did you see the movie over the weekend?  Have you read the series?  Who will Katniss eventually end up with?  Keep the secret, make your friends read the books!

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Simmons library students are learning how to build a digital library using a scrapbook from Mount Holyoke College’s Archives and Special Collections

Nov 16, 2011 by Jennifer King

This fall, for the first time, Simmons, which is based in Boston, is
offering a class in digital libraries to its Western Mass. students. And
the digital scrapbook they are creating was donated by a Mount Holyoke
alumna, Virginia Drosten, class of 1969. This project is a collaboration between Simmons and the Archives and Special Collections and Digital Assets and Preservation Services departments in LITS.[Read More]

(Indiana) Jorge Knows: Library Research Guides

Oct 06, 2010 by Leigh Mantle

Jorge recently used the Film Studies Research Guide to learn more about his favorite film character, Indiana Jones.
Photo by Mary Stettner
The Research & Instructional Support (RIS) team has created over
forty guides to assist you in your research.  The guides are arranged by
department (Art History, Chemistry, History, Religion, etc.) and by topic (Creative Writing, Legal Sources for Multimedia Projects, Medicine and Health, etc.). [Read More]

Book Review: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Feb 25, 2010 by Sarah Oelker

The review in The New York Times predicted I would not be able to put this book down.  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
(MH Stacks RC265.6.L24 S55 2009), is about a woman named Henrietta
Lacks, who grew up poor and black in rural Virginia, moved to the
Baltimore area, and died of an aggressive and painful cervical cancer
in 1951.  She left 5 children behind, one of them only a year old. 
Cells taken from Henrietta's cancer, however, have become a widely used
cell culture, and there are now many more of Henrietta's cells around
the world, albeit the cancerous ones, than there ever were in her

I certainly read the second half of the book in one sitting; it was difficult to put down. 

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Jorge: a True Snow Bird

Jan 06, 2010 by Leigh Mantle

Jorge at the Beach by Mary Stettner

Jorge* knows he can access library resources wherever he is in the world! 

Jorge is a true snow bird since he's flown to St. Lucia for his one week vacation, but he's still keeping up with his research thanks to a laptop from Media Resources and remote access to the library's E-Resources.   Almost all library databases are accessible to MHC users from
off-campus with your MHC network user name and password.

Simply follow the links to the resources on our Library web pages (e.g. the E-Resources A-Z and the Research Guides) and when asked for a user ID and
password, enter your regular MHC account ID and password. The EZ-Prozy server ( a system for authenticating our users) will then make the connection.  If you have any questions, please Ask a Librarian!

Note: This service is only available to current  MHC students, staff, faculty, and those who have emeritus status.

Library Resources Abroad has more information about keeping connected while traveling.  It also has a list of libraries and archives around the world if you've got some time to visit during your trip!

* Jorge is MHC's Resident Goose and in addition to his normal activities (i.e. flying, waddling, swimming, eating, and honking at everyone walking by Upper Lake) he also likes to discuss LITS' services and resources.

Photo Credit: Mary Stettner

Materials Moves in LITS for Summer 2009

Sep 01, 2009 by Sarah Oelker

As the beginning of the chain reaction which will bring about the
transformation of Dwight Hall into a Center for Centers, LITS staff spent much
of the summer reorganizing spaces. Some of our library materials were affected.
Here’s what’s new:

Previously, science, psychology and education
periodicals were housed on levels 2 and 3 of the Miles-Smith wing of the library.
To make way for rearrangements of LITS space, the education and psychology
periodicals now live on level 2 1/2 of the Williston part of the library to
join the humanities and social science periodicals.  Materials on microfilm have also been moved to level 2

All Science periodicals are now located on Level 2 of the Miles-Smith wing.  In addition, volumes of science periodicals older than 1980 have, in most cases, been sent to the Five College Depository facility in South Amherst. The Depository provides additional space that allows us to keep older journals in the Five Colleges, and is a location which ensures secure, climate-controlled preservation of materials as well as use by people across the Five Colleges. Individual
articles can be requested from the Five College Depository. Complete instructions can be found on
the Five College Library Depository Request Forms page.  If you need access to larger runs of older journals, or you have other needs not covered by the request forms, please contact your LITS liaison to discuss ways in which we can meet your needs. 

If you need assistance using any of our resources, please contact the Research
and Instructional Support Team

Please see our Getting
Around in LITS
page for further building directory information, plus
maps and navigation videos.

Library Catalog News

May 29, 2009 by Leigh Mantle

"I've got my books"

LITS will be closed on Sunday May 31, 2009, but some of our dedicated staff will be working on the Library Catalog.  While they are working, the library catalog will not be accessible.  It will be back up on Monday.   If you need to do some research on Sunday, you can still search for books at Mount Holyoke College on WorldCat

No New Books

Apr 01, 2009 by Ron Peterson

As part of the College's ongoing austerity efforts, LITS has elected to
forgo the purchase of any new books until we finish reading the ones we
already have.

Director of Collection Development Kathleen Norton says that if everyone
chips in and reads one book a week, we should get through our unread
inventory in time for her to purchase required texts for Fall 2010.

If you're having trouble finding an unread book, Library Director Gail
Scanlon has this advice: "Look for the dusty ones with unbroken
bindings.  Start on Miles-Smith level three, and work your way up from