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Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Immediate access to rare historical letters, diaries, manuscripts, books and more!

Nov 30, 2012 by Julie Adamo

Image of NCCO masthead

Ever wanted to peruse playbills from 19th century theater productions on your desktop? Or learn about previously undiscovered women writers? Ever wanted to read some historical British working class autobiographies or rare radical and labour periodicals? These are just a few of the types of materials and topics that you can explore in the newly acquired Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) database. 

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I Found It in the Archives: Women's Suffrage

Nov 06, 2012 by Clara Bertagnolli

Suffragettes rally for “Votes for Women,” circa 1916

The Presidential election is upon us, and most students who haven't voted by absentee ballot will take a bus today from Blanchard to the South Hadley High School, where the polls are set up. On November 5, 1895, students cast in their votes for a different cause: suffrage! Massachusetts held a state-wide vote to see how interested its citizens were in granting suffrage to women. To see who was interested, Wellesley, Smith, and Mount Holyoke each had their students cast votes. In the end, Wellesley and Smith found themselves in favor. It may come as a surprise that Mount Holyoke actually came out against women’s suffrage, 114 to 185. The state’s majority also went against.


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Tea Talk and Treats and Button Making this Tuesday!

Oct 22, 2012 by Leslie Fields

Are those Halloween costumes from 1912? No, but find out just what is happening with these MHC women dressed as mushrooms and ferns at tomorrow's tea talk in the Library's Stimson Room at 4pm! There will be treats, lots of wonderful MHC history from the Archives, and, of course, fabulous button making!



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Explore Primary Sources from Early American History!

Oct 11, 2012 by James Burke

Did you know that you have access to more than 37,000 books, pamphlets and broadsides from the early years of American history? slavery

You can easily find and download original documents from a wide spectrum of life in 17th and 18th century America.  From social movements, economics, cooking, and foreign affairs to literature, Native American tribes, music, religion, slavery, and witchcraft, these documents cover just about any  topic imaginable!

Starting at the LITS homepage, just click on the link for "E-resources A-Z" and scroll down to Early American Imprints to begin your explorations in primary source materials!


I Found It in Special Collections: 1611 King James Bible

Sep 27, 2012 by Alena McNamara

Even after three years of working in Special Collections,
the rare book stacks can still surprise me.  A couple of weeks ago, that surprise took the form of a King James Bible from 1611—the first year that this translation was printed.

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I Found Her in the Archives: Woah, Nellie!

Sep 13, 2012 by Sarah Poniros

Nellie Goldthwaite, a Chemistry professor at MHC in the early 1900s, was a highly respected chemist of her time.  She developed a gelatin powder that is used in commercial desserts today, namely Jello, but she has received little to no credit for her work.  In the wonderful Mount Holyoke tradition of giving influential women credit where credit is due, this blog post is all about Nellie and her contributions to science and holiday parties everywhere.


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Read the Fireplace Finds!

May 08, 2012 by Leslie Fields

You are always welcome to visit the Archives & Special Collections reading room to see those items found in the Brigham fireplace in person. But if you are not on the Mount Holyoke campus and you want to see them, or if you want to take a look in the middle of the night, you are more than welcome to do that now too! 


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A Day in the Life of Archives & Special Collections: Found in the Fireplace!

Apr 30, 2012 by Leslie Fields

Where does Mount Holyoke College historical material come from, and how does it get to Archives & Special Collections? Well, sometimes it comes out of the walls! 

Summary fireplace finds! 

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Wild About Woolley!

Apr 04, 2012 by Leslie Fields

Archives and Special Collections is Wild About Woolley and we want you to join us! Today, April 4, at 4pm in the Stimson Room we will be welcoming Sara Jonsberg, the 2011-2012 LITS scholar-in-residence and Class of 1960 alumna, for her talk "Searching for Mary Woolley". You also will have the opportunity to make Mary Woolley buttons with the fabulous LITS button maker! 


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Jorge Knows: Oxford History of Western Music Online

Nov 05, 2011 by Sarah Oelker

In preparation for his debut as conductor of the Western Massachusetts
Mallard Symphony and Tanglewood Waterfowl Chorus, Jorge is busy learning
more about his favorite composers in the European classical music
tradition with the Oxford History of Western Music Online. This online collection is based the five-volume Oxford History of Western Music
by the musicologist Richard Taruskin, and contains all 1.5 million
words of the print edition, as well as 500 images and 1800 musical
examples. The print edition was hailed as a brilliant work of musical
scholarship, full of examples, explanations, and delightful details. 
LITS is excited to bring you access to this interactive online version,
which is as enjoyable as it is excellent.

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