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Read the Fireplace Finds!

May 08, 2012 by Leslie Fields

You are always welcome to visit the Archives & Special Collections reading room to see those items found in the Brigham fireplace in person. But if you are not on the Mount Holyoke campus and you want to see them, or if you want to take a look in the middle of the night, you are more than welcome to do that now too!

Thanks to LITS' Digital Assets and Preservation Services staff members James Gehrt, Erin Fahy, and Linda Callahan, these fireplace finds are now available for everyone to read and enjoy in our digital collections. Here are the links to the letter written by Eleanor Rowland,


the Mount Lowe, CA, picture postcard (picturing the only scenic mountain overhead electric trolley ever built in the United States!),


Mrs. Mead's calling card,


Miss Kennedy's calling card;


this reply to a faculty dinner invitation; 


and, last but not least, this February 1913 Thirteenth Amendment calendar page




The electric trolley on the postcard looks downright scary!

Posted by Sam on May 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM EDT #

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